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Andrew works out of WaxLTD studios in Hollywood, CA. Formerly known as TTG Studios.

The private studio complex features a beautiful live room; spacious control room; secondary B-room with vocal booth; plus a kitchen and lounge area.

Artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Linda Rondstadt, and the Doors have all recorded at TTG.

For more info on the legendary history of TTG Studios, check out this article


API 1608 (16x8x2)

Barefoot Micromain27s
Yamaha NS-10s

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8x (x3)
Highland Dynamics BG1 Stereo Tube Compressor
Overstayer Modular Channel (with preamps)
Purple Audio MC77
Retro Instruments Double Wide
AWTAC Channel Compressor (x2)
API 527 (x2)
API 525
Alesis Microlimiter

API 560 (x4)
API 550a (x12)
Neve 1073 (x2)
Great River Harrison 32c EQ (x2)
Overstayer Modular Channel
Neve 1099
Neve 1073 (x2)

API 312 (x16)
Neve 1073 (x2)
Neve 1099 preamp w/ EQ
Daking 500 pre
AMS Neve 500 series pre
Overstayer Modular Channel
Shadow Hills Mono Gama (x2)
Avedis MA5 (x2)
BAE 312a (x2)

API 560 (x4)
API 550a (x12)
Neve 1073 (x2)
GML 8200ii
Great River Harrison 32c EQ (x2)
Neve 1099
Neve 1073 (x2)

Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo
Orban Spring Reverb (2 channel)
Fisher Space Expander tube spring
Eventide H3000SE (maxed patches)
Maestro Echoplex

Kemper Profiler Rackmount Version - guitar amp simulator/processor
Mutron Bi-Phase (original)

UAD (Artist Endorsement, every plugin)
Fabfilter complete
McDSP complete
Slate Digital
Native Instruments
and many many many moreā€¦

1960s Fender Jazzmaster
Fender American Vintage Jazzmaster
Fender 1976 Antigua Precision Bass
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gretsch Country Club w/Bigsby (1960s)
Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar
Guild Starfire III
Martin D19
Fender Mustang Bass
Rickenbacker 360
Fender Telecaster (USA)
Danelectro 59M (x2)
Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
Rickenbacker 3001 Bass
Gibson SG
Hofner Bass (Beatles Bass)
Fender Stratocaster
List goes on and on and on!

Yamaha U3 piano (w/ felt dampener)
Prophet 6
Roland Juno 106
Roland Juno-6 (w MIDI)
Arp Axxe
Wurlitzer 200A
Moog Sub37
Arturia Minibrute
Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano

Fender Super (1974)
Matchless Cobra King
Fender Twin Reverb
Supro 1 x 12
Mesa Boogie Mark I (70s)
Marshall JCM800
Marshall 4x12 cabinet
Ampeg V4B (vintage, w 8x10 cabinet)
Many other cool lo-fi and interesting amps

Wunder CM7
Royer R-121 (x2)
Coles 4038 (x2)
Stam ST-87 (u87 clone)
Apex 460 (modded by Advanced Audio with 251 add-on) - matched pair
Sennheiser MD421 (x5)
AKG 414 B ULS (x3)
Wunder CM7 FET (Fet47)
Neumann KM184 (x3)
AKG D112
EV ND 868
SM7b, SM57s, 58s, etc
Many lo-fi/character mics - Altec, RCA, Electro-Voice, etc.

Tons, too many to list.